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Certified Customer Manager Course

Certified Customer Service Manager Course

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Customer Service Managers come from a variety of backgrounds but unlike other professions, such as Accounting, there has been no formal industry body recognition. Anyone may call themselves a customer service manager but few have any qualification other than experience to prepare them for the role. Despite job titles such as customer service director, customer relationship manager, call center manager, manager - customer experience, national manager customer satisfaction and consumer relations manager, few people holding these positions have any customer service qualifications. They come from diverse backgrounds - some have undergraduate degrees from a wide variety of disciplines, others have completed more generalized post graduate study such as an MBA. A significant component of America's customer service managers and professionals have no formal qualifications instead gaining considerable experience at a variety of levels in the organization before working their way up "through the ranks".

Professionals in other roles study their chosen discipline and then are recognized by their professional association. For example, despite studying a recognized accounting degree, an accountant is not 'Certified' or 'Chartered' until they have worked through their professional body's course requirements and are recognized as qualified in the field. The CSIA believes it is time American organizations treat service as importantly as finance.

The Customer Service Institute of America has worked with leading organizations and foundation members of the International Council of Customer Service Organizations to develop a training, assessment and certification program leading to our Certified Customer Service Manager Course and America's only formal and internationally recognized "Certified Customer Service Manager" designation.

The Certified Customer Service Manager qualification has two levels:

  • Level 1 - CSIA Accredited Certificate in Customer Service Management - Level 1
  • Advanced - CSIA Accredited Certified Customer Service Manager - Advanced

The CCSM program includes a workbook, lectures, and work-place based activities and assignments. (Request the CCSM course handbook).

It is time for all those in industry and the government sector with customer service management and leadership responsibilities to gain formal professional qualifications and for CEOs and human resource departments to insist on only employing customer service leaders recognized by America's peak professional body for Customer Service - the Customer Service Institute of America.

CCSM Course Benefits

  • Since June 2006, the CCSM program is the formal professional qualification required for immediate full Membership status of the CSIA. The CSIA is the peak customer service body in America and the only customer service organization for professionals in America which is a Member of the International Council of Customer Service Organizations.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are awarded a free year's membership of the CSIA at full Member status and recognition of member's professional standing through a certificate and use of the CSIA's designatory post-nominal letters: CCSM.
  • Becoming a "Certified Customer Service Manager" opens many doors both domestically and internationally. The "CCSM" designation is your passport to a leadership career in customer service. The CCSM program has been developed with a mix of technical rigor and practical workplace based projects with a focus on developing leaders in the customer service discipline able to quickly contribute at the organization's most senior level including board membership
  • Experiencing the satisfaction of completing a demanding and rigorous course
  • Soon all employers will look for the Certified Customer Service Manager qualification when seeking to hire customer service personnel or promote from within

Benefits for Employers

  • The goal of this professional qualification is to increase the level of customer service in organizations across America
  • Employers will have access to customer service leaders with more confidence. This confidence will be developed through increased job skills and a greater understanding of customer service management methods, tools and techniques
  • The practical, work place based projects will enable your CCSM graduates to tackle problems relevant to your customer service management system while they learn
  • Because CSIA is a membership based organization designed to support the customer service industry, the fees are modest and competitive when compared with other disciplines' professional qualifications and even ad-hoc customer service training, "seminars" and "workshops"

How to Apply

Due to the personal attention provided to each candidate's projects and workbook, course places are strictly limited. A detailed application must be completed and forwarded to CSIA to determine placement.

Qualifications, experience and references will be checked prior to acceptance of candidates and processing of course fees.

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