Tracy Steers

In the Spotlight – Tracy Steers

We are pleased to present CCSM graduate Tracy Steers, Operations Coordinator at Denver Clerk and Recorder.
Over the last six years with the Denver Clerk and Recorder’s Office, Tracy has had several roles and responsibilities, including Election Judge, Customer Service Coordinator, Executive Assistant for the Clerk Recorder, Marriage/Recording Deputy, Deputy City Clerk and Assistant Project Manager. She has mastered all the skills associated with these roles as the Operations Coordinator.
This historical journey has been provided by her to show us how she learned about her office and all the possibilities for customer experience enhancement.  “This is where the Certified Customer Service Manager education has assisted me tremendously” Tracy shared. ” When I first started this program as the Clerk and Recorder’s Executive Assistant, I really didn’t feel that I knew enough to be successful at the program, nor was the program going to work for a “government sector office”. I soon realized that I was in the perfect position to make the changes necessary to improved Customer Experience within the entire Organization”
As Tracy began her journey with the Certified Customer Service Manager ( CCSM)  training course, she had every intention of finishing it within 8 weeks and getting it complete and off her plate (just something else to do for her evaluation). Then she started getting into the reading and the exercises and it occurred to her that she did not know enough about her organization to complete this course. She set out to rectify that.  “As a result” Tracy said, ” I took the entire 2 years to complete the program (submitting my final write-up on the very last day possible)”.
She shared that her training was implemented “Right off, as we learned, we started changing things in all areas of the Denver Clerk and Recorder including changing legislation to make some changes that all made the Customer Experience better. It should be noted that even though I alone completed the activities and write-ups, every person on the team contributed to the changes, ideas, discussions, and implementations that improved the services we provide”.

As a result of the improvements made, such as online auctions and  payment processing, the ability to vote using a tablet and  plans in the works to send out “voter trucks” so people can vote from where they are, the Elections Division has received two international awards for innovation and voter experience.
As Tracy continues to look at all the processes that are executed daily, she strives to continually improve the Customer Experience while decreasing costs,  making it possible to invest in improved and current technologies that make sense for her constituents.
We thank Tracy for sharing her inspiring journey, and how she was able to implement her training to improve her customers experience. We wish her continued success! We encourage you to join us we continue the conversation with Tracy at an upcoming webinar hosted by CSIA. 

If you have a story to share about the role you played in improving your company’s customer experience, we would love to hear from you! Please email us at . Please send a headshot of yourself, and attach a Word document with your story, with ” Spotlight Submission” in the subject of your email.

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