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The Benefits of A Training Coach Coupled with Online Training

We discussed in a previous blog about The Benefits of Online Training Courses, and how online training can be an ideal solution. While you expand on your professional training, development, and engagement, consider adding a training coach, especially during these unusual times in which many employees are having to adjust to working remotely.

There are many online training courses out there, so look for courses that provide quality educational content and tools that will help you excel at your job. An added bonus would be if the course includes, or has an option to include, help of a dedicated training coach.

Let’s define what an online training coach is: An online training coach is a qualified professional who works with you to help you gain confidence, clarify your goals, achieve your development objectives, unlock your potential, and act as your sounding board. Why is it important to have a dedicated coach during your online training and what are the benefits? A training coach is there to clarify, mentor, and guide course participants along the way. They can provide additional support by:

  1. Customizing Your Learning Experience– A training coach helps clarify and relevance of course content. They can also discuss how the content is applicable and helpful to your role in the company. They are there to talk about real-life customer service scenarios that come up at your workplace and how your training can better prepare you.
  1. Supporting Remote Work – A coach understands the challenges some employees are faced with as they attempt to provide great customer service while working remotely. If working remotely is combined with completing an online training course, it’s especially helpful for a coach to be available to support you throughout the course.
  1. Scheduling Mentoring Sessions – You can look forward to a scheduled meeting with your coach, during which time you can go over questions about the course material, how to complete the modules, and how the content is relevant to any internal or external customer service challenges you may be facing. The learning that takes place during these coaching sessions are as important – if not more important – than the completion of your course modules.
  1. Being Your Accountability Partner – A coach will check in from time to time to make sure you are progressing well and will provide help if you are falling behind. A student may need help with planning and time management and a coach can suggest ways to manage your time so that the training is completed in your desired timeline. They are also there to cheer on and motivate you, since you may need a nudge from time to time.

To summarize, quality online training coupled with a dedicated coach or mentor is a great option for professionals looking for a certification course that will help them develop and grow.

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