Ensure People Feel Valued and Appreciated

Do your people feel valued by their leaders? If not, they may be looking for another job. In today’s competitive labor market, losing a key person can be devastating for your business. Yet, many leaders use the excuse of being too busy to avoid having the simple day-to-day conversations that would have had their employees stay. When effort goes unnoticed, it turns into resentment, unaddressed issues turn into toxic dynamics, and fed-up employees leave. If leaders want to build and maintain the respect, trust, and relationships that have people feel valued and allow great work to get done, it is time to master the Art of Recognition and Engagement.

Chris will introduce leaders to the core elements of engagement, help them assess how they are doing with their people, and provide strategies to address any gaps. Leaders will leave with an abundance of tried and tested check-ins, relationship-building activities, team rituals, and tools to help them maintain an employee experience that gets results.

Cost: $99 USD

Cost: $99 USD

This course is made up of 7 Modules:

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3

Methods - Tools

Module 4

Methods - Recognition

Module 5

Reflective - Recognition

Module 6

Bringing It Together

Module 7


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