About CSIA

What is CSIA?

Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA) was established in 2007 and takes great pride in training professionals from around the world on how to improve and excel in service excellence. We offer several certifications for organizations and individuals and recognize leaders in service excellence across the globe. CSIA is the body delegated by the International Council of Customer Service Organizations to manage the International Service Excellence Awards.

CSIA is also responsible for training and licensing the Licensed Assessors, in the United States, which conduct the onsite assessments that lead to the awarding of the “Certified Customer Service Organization” status.


CSIA has the exclusive North American rights to distribute the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS) and certify Organizations against the Standard. The ICSS is the world’s only truly international customer service standard offering a balanced internal scorecard self-assessment backed by an external assessment and certification program. We are held to the highest standards of service and hold our clients to those standards as well. 

Our Team

Christine Churchill

Founder and CEO

Alison Long

Senior Trainer and Licensed Assessor

Steve Beck

Senior Trainer

CSIA Advisory Board

Sheila Harrell

Bob Stoneking

Karen Wells

Bob Buiaroski


What is ICCSO?

ICCSO is the body responsible for the International Service Excellence Awards, accrediting organizations to assess and certify organizations to the International Customer Service Standard, monitoring and revising the International Customer Service Standard, and accrediting professional certification designations.

What ICCSO Provides

ICCSO comprises of international member organizations which promote service excellence through international customer service standards, certification, awards and professional development programs.

ICCSO Founding Members

Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium

Customer Service Institute of America

Customer Service Institute of Australia

Hellenic Institute of Customer Service

Hong Kong Customer Service Consortium

Customer Service Institute of America