Interim Chief Experience Officer

Maximize Your Customer Experience With an Interim CXO

The importance of a Chief Experience Officer (CXO) can not be overstated with customer and employee experience being the differentiator between companies that thrive and those that, well, don’t. It is imperative that there is a dedicated person to focus on all the moving parts across the organization. They’re there to ensure that the stakeholders, that ultimately define the success or failure of an organization, their customers and their team members are advocated for and considered in all decisions.

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How do I know if I need a CXO?

Our Role as your Chief experience officer

If your organization has determined that a CXO is something that will, or even may, benefit your organization, retaining the services of an interim CXO will help you determine if the need is there, whether that need will be full-time or part-time, assist with writing the job description (should you wish to hire your CXO), aide in assessing where your organization is currently and to help develop a playbook for an incoming CXO.

Perhaps your organization already has a CXO. What if the CXO has left? Or maybe there is a specific area your incumbent CXO needs additional assistance with. Our interim CXO services will come to the rescue. Our talented team members can assist in help continue to move critical and time-sensitive projects forward. They will also ensure momentum continues towards integration as a customer-driven organization.

Not ready to take on the expense of a full-time CXO? Perhaps you are a small to medium-size business that just needs a little direction in this area. Our interim CXO packages are designed to fit your organization’s needs and budget. Together we can work to determine what you specifically need, and we will assign the perfect interim CXO to work with you and your team on specific projects or specified time each month.

We often hear the phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know”. That is what we are here for. An interim CXO from the CSIA team can assess your organization to determine current customer experience and any internal areas that might need to be hindering your customers’ best possible experiences. We will provide a thorough reporting of our findings and from there, you can determine what the right solution is for you and your organization.

Chief Experience Officer Responsibilities

Overseeing and aligning all areas of the business with an eye specifically focused on customer and employee experience across various platforms and touchpoints.

Outlining and assessing all current customer journeys and their subsequent ‘Moments of Truth’.

Educating employees and internal teams on the importance of understanding the customer experience, their motivation to buy, and the lifetime value of the customer.

Bridging the worlds of employee experience (EX) with customer experience (CX).

Creating and reinforcing a culture of service excellence.

Advocating for the customer in the innovation, decision, development, and deployment of initiatives throughout the organization.

Championing both customer and employee points of view with strategic decision making, continuous improvements, and innovation discussions.

Working closely with all areas of the business to ensure initiatives consider any customer or team member impact.

Help educate leadership to the Financial Cost of Bad Service™ if not identified and actioned.

Determining, measuring, and tracking “metrics that matter” (KPIs) and using those results to determine the impact of initiatives on the customer and employee experience.

Driving deliberate, disciplined design and delivery of experiences to customers and employees.

Building a sustainable culture of service excellence across the entire organization.

Short-term and long-term planning and execution of strategic initiatives.

Assessment, and re-engineering, of the current process which no longer serves the company, team members, or customers.

Are you still unsure if you need a CXO?

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