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What’s Not to Love About Customer Service? – 8 Reasons Why We Love Our Job

While some can’t imagine spending their day communicating with customers – whether on the phone, via email or in live chats – those of us who gravitate toward this line of work usually enjoy it. Even though some days in the customer service life are better than others, for most of us the positives outweigh the negatives.

The field of customer service typically attracts a certain type of person. We’re usually outgoing, sociable, and enjoy helping others. We typically bring an above-average level of empathy, have elevated listening skills, and we enjoy resolving issues for people.

Why Working in Customer Service is Fulfilling

A company that places a high premium on service excellence knows the value of its customer service teams. Being part of a team that is not only appreciated but also regularly trained and developed is rewarding in itself. Seeing how the level of service we provide not only makes our customers happy but contributes to the company’s overall success is the best and most rewarding part of our job. Here are just a few more reasons why we love customer service:

  1. Human Touch is What Makes Us Tick– Since we entered what is known as the “digital age”, many aspects of human communication have been diminished. Even though much of it has been replaced with self-service channels and online knowledge bases, human contact will never go away completely – especially in the hospitality, restaurant, and healthcare industry. People need to interact and connect with others. Being in a customer service role makes human interaction possible on a daily basis.
  1. We Love Being Efficient and Fixing Problems – We are known for our ‘service mindset’ and for taking pride in our work. Helping a customer resolve an issue or concern can be rewarding if the customer is happy with our solution. By efficiently solving the problem to their complete satisfaction, we show our customers that we care about them.
  1. We’re Good at the Warm and Fuzzy – In any role that involves interacting with customers, guests, or patients, we continue to develop soft, less tangible skills such as empathy, listening, professional etiquette, communicating clearly, and being aware of our own, and others’, body language.
  1. We Get to be Nerdy – We have the opportunity to master different computer operating systems and programs, and any new or evolving technologies that help us become more efficient on the job. Whether managing a CRM system, task or communication management tools, or the systems needed to analyze customer satisfaction data – even communicating with customers on live chat and social media – knowing and using these skills is a big part of our daily life.
  1. We Like Being Customer Advocates– Those of us who at the frontline of customer service often receive feedback from customers about the positive or negative aspects of their experience. This important feedback not only gives us a chance to improve, it makes it possible for us to serve as the ‘voice of the customer’, and convey to our managers or other departments what processes are working well and which need to be improved.
  1. We Have a Chance to Grow  – Customer service has become so important to businesses that there are now great opportunities for career advancement. Many corporations now have C-level executives whose primary role is to focus on the customer experience. We may start out as a customer service representative in a call center, then receive more training and get promoted to a Customer Service Manager role, then eventually end up in a Director role. We may even make it all the way to a Chief Customer Officer or Chief Experience Officer role!
  1. We Like the Occasional Pat on the Back – Whether we receive an individual, team, or company recognition award for service excellence, it’s a great feeling and makes us feel valued and appreciated for our commitment and dedication.
  1. Love Makes the World Go ‘Round – Last but not least, what we love most about our job is the opportunity to care about people and make a difference in someone’s life. Something as simple as a smile and a greeting or friendly conversation can really make someone’s day, so we use every chance we have to make a customer feel valued and special.

These are only a few of the reasons why we love customer service. The potential for both personal and professional growth is unlimited, as everything we learn ultimately intertwines with who we are. We’ll leave you with a great quote that encapsulates this:

“Service, in short, is not what you do, but who you are. It’s a way of living that you need to bring to everything you do if you’re to bring it to your customer interactions.” – Betsy Sanders

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