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How Service Excellence Awards Can Help Grow Your Business

Generating new business by maintaining and growing a customer base is a challenge business owners and executives continue to face in this increasingly competitive, global marketplace. The effort to both sustain and grow is a constant juggling act that can be overwhelming, to say the least! When in the past it was enough to provide a good product at a good price, it is now the level of customer service and ingenuity that sets a business apart. More and more businesses – large and small – are waking up to the fact that customer service excellence with a human touch is essential if they want to enjoy continued success and are striving to achieve service excellence awards.

Why Service Excellence is Important

Service excellence is important for the following reasons:

1. Customer Loyalty – Customers who are happy with a product or service are more likely to remain loyal to a business. They are also more likely to purchase a new product or service.

2. Brand Fandom – Delighted customers can even become fans of your brand and help promote it by telling their friends, writing positive reviews, and taking part in customer marketing campaigns.

3. Positive Business Reputation – An organization that demonstrates a strong commitment to service excellence usually has very high ratings, great reviews, and may even be the recipient of service excellence awards. This does a lot to gain the confidence and trust of potential customers or clients.

All three of these are equally important for growth and success. While most businesses strive to provide service excellence and maintain a positive reputation, not as many focus on winning awards. Making the team effort to position a company for a service excellence award may seem daunting, but the time and effort are well worth it because of the many benefits these kinds of awards can provide.

The Benefits of Service Excellence Awards

We were delighted to recently announce our 2020 International Service Excellence Award winners – companies, leaders, and individuals who demonstrated service excellence in their sector. What is remarkable about these particular winners is their ability to continue to provide outstanding service despite the curveball of a global pandemic. Receiving any kind of award is noteworthy but given the high standard we set for eligibility for our awards, their achievement is truly outstanding.  What better way to showcase your company’s unwavering commitment to customer service excellence than by receiving an International Service Excellence Award? This recognition sets these companies apart and creates admiration, trust, and confidence in their current and potential customers, for decades to come! Let’s go over some of the benefits that are experienced by our service excellence award winners and how they can help you grow your business:

  • Sharpened Focus on Excellence – While your company may already have an outstanding customer service culture, going through the process of demonstrating eligibility for an award is rigorous and requires a companywide-focus on procedures and processes that impact the customer experience. This exercise itself is very revealing and can help identify gaps and improve touchpoints in the customer journey if needed. As stated before, service excellence is essential for the growth of a business.
  • Enhanced Employee Morale – Applying for and receiving a company award takes teamwork and employee morale to a whole new level. The jubilance from receiving an award is not unlike being part of a winning sports team. And, as we know, happy and engaged employees who take pride in their work contribute to a company’s continued growth and success.
  • A Tangible Seal of Excellence – Displaying a coveted service excellence award (especially one that is not easy to come by) – whether by placing a framed award in a conspicuous place at your business location or by putting a badge on the homepage your website – can do wonders for your reputation and the growth of your business!
  • Global Recognition and Connection– When you are the recipient of an international service excellence award – whether at the company or individual level – you join a global community of esteemed winners. This is not only an elite group that you can be proud to be a part of, but your common connection will also provide ongoing opportunities for networking, resource sharing, and support.

We hope these points have convinced you of the many benefits that a service excellence award can bring to your business and your workforce – especially when it comes to maintaining an outstanding reputation while sustaining and growing a base of delighted, loyal customers.

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