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How to Choose the Best Online Management Courses for Employees

One of the main concerns of anyone in a C-level role is how to best retain and engage their workforce. Those in the C-Suite understand the importance of retaining employees with online management courses goes far beyond the cost of hiring. As you know, it affects many other parts of the business. In fact, studies have shown a direct correlation between employee retention and customer retention. To quote customer service expert and author Shep Hyken:

 “It makes logical sense to focus on an employee retention strategy. Employees who love their companies will work harder, stay longer, and be more engaged with their customers.” 

If employee retention helps keep customers, do you really need another reason to make that a company focal point? Probably not! When employee retention is the focus, the question becomes, “How do we keep employees engaged?”. One way is to provide opportunities for growth and development by offering high-quality, paid training courses. We have compared online to in-person or “off-campus” training, and have discussed why online training is a better choice – the main reasons being affordability for companies and flexibility for participants.

There are a few things you should look for when choosing an online management training course. In general, the course should include a strong interactive segment, well-produced lectures (typically in an audio or video format, with downloadable transcripts), be well-organized, and have visually-appealing learning modules or segments.  Here are a few more important qualities to look for:

  1. Training and Activities that are Workplace-Based – Look for courses that provide an opportunity for trainees to compare and apply what they are learning to their daily work and role as a manager. Workplace-based training often includes the completion of activities and questions relevant to their workplace through project work and company needs. Learning in this way can be an eye-opener for participants, as it will help them discover any weak links in their internal processes or any touch-points that need improvement along the customer journey
  1. Real-World Issues and Solutions – Another advantage of online training is that the content can be updated frequently so it remains relevant. Excellent training programs include case studies of customer service issues that are current, real-world problems and solutions. This is an ideal method as it helps students understand how real challenges can be overcome.
  1. Hands-On, Inspired Learning – A great course will provide plenty of hands-on learning opportunities, with insights, skillsets, and tools that are easy to absorb and immediately applicable to the workplace. If a student is only “studying” abstract, possibly redundant, or even outdated material, it is not only boring but irrelevant to their position. A sign that the course is providing engaging and interactive content is when students feel more motivated, energized, and inspired to make a change for the better. 
  1. A Dedicated Mentor or Coach – It is especially important for your employees to have a dedicated mentor or coach who has a high level of knowledge in their training sector. A coach should be approachable and available by email or phone to help understand the content, work through the module or workbook activities, and answer any questions trainees may have.
  1. Frequent Check-ins and Progress Reports – A quality management course will keep track of participation and progress, as well as send out regular reports on how participants are doing. Frequent check-ins in the form of emails, phone or video calls will ensure that employees are completing the course so that the company is getting a return on their investment. 

If you are considering online management courses for your staff, consider all the benefits online learning has to offer. If you have managers who are faced with the challenge of balancing work and family, while still needing to learn and grow in their profession, an online management training program is the ideal solution. Just remember that not training opportunities are created equal!

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